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PowerShell in SCVMM 2008 R2 – Part 1

wtorek, Marzec 29th, 2011

Microsoft PowerShell is a great way to automate activities related to VM creation, maintenance and management. Here’s a simple way to create a new hardware profile for SCVMM 2008. Click to continue »

Go for the new Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and its virtualization features

czwartek, Marzec 24th, 2011

The beta version of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 is publicly available: It includes a whole bunch of new features including new security improvements (scan caching (Symantec Insight), Real Time SONAR 3, Power Eraser and cloud scan enabling to check file’s or processes’ reputation), integration with Symantec Workflow and with Symantec Protection Center – a new web-based management console integrating Symantec security products.

The virtualization features include:

  • Scans and content update randomization – the VMs running on the same host and with the same policy applied may randomize the time when the start scheduled scan and content (definitions, updates) update within a set up randomization window so that the simultaneous activity from all SEP clients on the host will not impact the host performance.
  • Virtual Image Exception – scan optimization to white list files from the standard VM image.
  • Automatic VM identification.

The information on the list are from Symantec Endpoint Protection Beta Datasheet.

Remember also that virtualization features will be available only in the full version of SEP and not in Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition.

The new SEP should be lighter and faster. Moreover, it introduces new solutions for virtualized environments. It’s definitely worth trying on VMs. Remember though it is still beta, don’t use it on your production machines!

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta available!

środa, Marzec 23rd, 2011

The evaluation may be downloaded from here. New features include support for SMI-S providers, rapid provisioning and choosing of network when using Self-Service portal. SCVMM 2012 will enable assigning IP addresses to the virtual machines (including VIP – virtual IP – addresses). Accoring to the official SCVMM 2012 beta web site, it will be able to manage machines running on XenServer hypervisor.

Linux on Hyper-V without integration components.

wtorek, Marzec 15th, 2011

Linux Integration Components Services (hmm.. the „components” in the name meant that MS provided components, not services for Linux VMs running on Hyper-V – so I guess now it has changed) can be downloaded from here. According to this guide, Hyper-V works at the moment with SUSE and Red Hat. By „works” I mean that these are supported guest operating systems with integrations com… services available.

But this is nothing new. What I wanted to write is to look out for traps like this one: if you install an enlightened operating system with no integration services included and you are connected to you Hyper-V Manager console via RDP, you won’t be able to use mouse. That’s the way it is. Yesterday I tried out SUSE with KDE and although I made through an installation process, I could not really install integration services without using mouse (and I had to install them to use it! ;-) The difference between default SUSE screen resolution and my screen did not make it easier. Finally I gave up and finished the installation locally.

I would like to see Hyper-V integration services included in SUSE installation but I guess it won’t happen. And license issues might be only one problem.

Oracle certification

wtorek, Marzec 15th, 2011

Yesterday I passed Orcale exam for the certification: Oracle Database SQL Expert. The exam was not easy but possible to pass :-) I had prepared with this book and I definetely recommend it not only if you want to pass this exam but also if you want to learn SQL or refresh your knowledge. You will find in the book Oracle-specific stuff but first of all it is general-SQL oriented.

Unable to turn off Hyper-V host remotely?

piątek, Marzec 11th, 2011

Used to ESXi I searched today for an easy way to turn off my Hyper-V host remotely from Hypr-V manager or from SCVMM and, to my suprise, I did not find it. Apparently, there is none. It’s a pitty. If the server is meant to work only during the working hours, you would like to have an easy way to switch it off.

Another thing is that you cannot stop Hyper-V service on the host from SCVMM but you need to useHyper-V manager but it is in line with a general idea that SCVMM is to manage VMs and the console to manage Hyper-V.

Checking your CPU

niedziela, Marzec 6th, 2011

If you wish to quickly check your processor’s compatibility with Hyper-V, there are several applications to do it: from AMD there is AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility (kinda long name ;-) , Intel provides for its processors a much more robust Intel Processor Identification Utility. There is also a third-party tool called Securable which will give you some basic information, like hardware DEP and virtualization support; it is small and easy to use, however last time I was informed that my CPU did not support hardware virtualization but Hyper-V works fine so I am not sure how accurare the Securable tool is.

Citrix Lab Receiver for Android

piątek, Marzec 4th, 2011

Today I tried out a new Citrix Lab Receiver for Android. A receiver for Android was available at Android Market for quite a long time but I have just noticed a new, apparently experimental application (therefore „Lab” in the name as one can imagine) which „has been optimized for touch applications”. I gave it a try and works nicely with XenApp 5 (according to Citrix, it should work with Presentation Server 4.5 as well). Moreover, the receiver is free :-)

This is how it looks like when run on a G1 phone:

rix Labs Receiver main screen

First, you need to set up a store to connect to:

Citrix Lab Receiver - store configuration

Then go ahead and log in – you will see applications available for you account:

Citrix Lab Receiver - applications

Tap an application and Citrix receiver will start a connection:

Citrix Lab Receiver - connection

Finally, this is how a Windows-based application looks like when streamed to Android phone (Winamp in this case ;-)

Citrix Lab Receiver - Winamp running

The receiver is easy to use, provides some basic options for session (display resolution, orientation, etc. as well as audio settings). On my fairly slow G1 mobile phone, the refreshing was quite good and tapping accurate. To emulate a right-click, you need to tap-and-hold. I don’t have multitouch supported on the phone but I assume it would greatly improve the user experience.

I don’t think the receiver is wildly used due to security risks (running a production application on users’ smartphones? No certificates support as far as I can see) but I appreciate its usefulness for administrators.

More information on Citrix Receiver features (like Doc Finder) may be found here.