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VMotion failing at 10%

piątek, Sierpień 31st, 2012

VMotion falling at 10% can have a lot of causes but I have not found on the list the problem I had encountered. My machines were not migrated and after some time the procedure was giving „Invalid fault” error.

I run through a usual list of suspected problems: mgmt services were restarted, vmkernel ping checked as well as name resolution.

The problem was easy to solve but difficult to spot: there was some problem with cable / interhost connection because a NIC for VMotion on one of host did not autonegotiate correctly and set the speed at 10 Mbps. Which was consistent with what I had observer before the first „Invalid fault” error occurred – one VM was had been migrated extremly slow.

After both NIC were set manualy to the correct speed, VMotion started working fine.

Looking forward to vSphere 5.1

środa, Sierpień 29th, 2012

What can be expected:

More „What’s new” documents can be found gathered at YellowBricks.

FreeNAS and ESXi5 – iSCSI problems

wtorek, Sierpień 28th, 2012

Having nested ESXi servers running on a physical host is a great thing to test vSphere with limited resources. I remembered that FreeNAS was really good with providing iSCSI service for hosts so I installed 2 nested ESXi 5.0 and one FreeNAS 8.2.0 appliance. I configured iSCSI service on the filer, rescanned HBA and… nothing. The target was found and connected correctly but no device was seen.

Hmm, I definitely remember that it used to work with 0.7.1. I downloaded iso, installed another applicane – same problem. I quickly deployed another host, 4.1 U2 this time. LUN seen fine. Interesting.

I googled a bit and, voila!, what I found: According to the ticket the problem should be solved in 8.0.1-RC2. Nice, but this is much earlier version that I use. A participant of this thread reports positive results with FreeNAS 0.7.2 Sabanda (revision 7529) in the old branch – here it says „Update istgt to 20110902 which provides compatibility with ESXi 5.0″. Sadly this branch does not seem to be available for download at At the same time I noticed Beta1 of FreeNAS 8.3.0. I decided to give it a try.

The result was unfortunately as before. ESX 4.1 can see the LUN, 5.0 does not. I opened a ticket with FreeNAS

[edit 30/08/2012]

I managed to present LUNs to my ESXi 5.0 with OpenFiler 2.99. With FreeNAS still no go.

Copy files between ESX hosts with SCP

środa, Sierpień 22nd, 2012

A small reminder for myself – the command is:

scp local_filename user@server:/path/where/file/should/go

More information: