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VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal available on iTunes

środa, Listopad 28th, 2012
Application preview on iTunes

Application preview on iTunes

Read VMware KBs and watch learning videos directly from your iPad with a new VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal application available now on iTunes. The content is downloadable in parts so there is no need to upload the whole VMware knowledgebase to your device at once ;-) And yes, it is for free.

I see no version now for Android or iPhone.



PowerCLI po polsku! czyli nowa inicjatywa Grzegorza Kulikowskiego

wtorek, Listopad 27th, 2012

Ruszyła strona, gdzie Grzesiek Kulikowski rozpowszechnia wiedzę o Powershellu w ogólności i PowerCLI w szczególności oraz zaprasza chętnych do współpracy. Więcej info na stronie i na linkedinowym PLVMUG.

iSCSI target on Windows Server 2012? Why not!

poniedziałek, Listopad 26th, 2012

I have recently described how to install, configure and use iSCSI target on FreeNAS virtual server. This time let’s have a look how to present an iSCSI target on Windows Server 2012.

iSCSI target is a service role of File and Storage Services. Go to Add Roles and Features and expand File and Storage Services > File and iSCSI Services and select iSCSI Target Server.

Click Next and finish the role installation. No configuration is needed during the installation.

When installed open Server manager’s dashboard, click on File and Storage Services on the left and select iSCSI. On the right, click on Tasks menu and select New iSCSI Virtual Disk…

Create a new LUN... ekhm... virtual disk

Create a new LUN... ekhm... virtual disk

Select a location for your new virtual disk (a disk that will be presented under iSCSI target, you can call it a LUN if you want, Microsoft preferes to call it a virtual disk). Give it a meaningful name and choose a size.

Now we’ll create a new target:

Creating a new target

Creating a new target

Give it a name and add a server:

Click on Add...

Click on Add...

Select the method to identify the initiator. You can use IQN and a wildcard * as a value to allow all of them.

On the next screen you can enable CHAP if you want.

That’s it. You can now use the LUN presented by Windows Server 2012 as a datastore on your ESX server :-)

Xeround: HUGE list of free cloud services and their free cloud database service

piątek, Listopad 23rd, 2012

I’ve been pinged and asked to spread an information about a list of free cloud services created by Xeround that can be found here. There are 43 of them, divided into categories like Cloud IDE, monitoring or CMS. Everyone will find something interesting here.

Xeround offers cloud DB services. A DB up to 10 MB is free although when I tried to create a DB (how cool is to host your DB in Iceland datacenter? ;-) ), I received the following email:

Dear Pawe? ?akomski,
Creation of the database instance pizmak (ID = 31822) has failed – please contact for assistance.
The Xeround team.

Bad coding of my name and failure in creating a DB did not discouraged me – I dropped the DB and created a new one, hosted in the States. The creation completed successfully and now I am going to grab a coffee and test a new database :-) hosting

środa, Listopad 21st, 2012

I had a chance to use a 2-week trial from – a hosting service that offers, among others, cloud hosting. The service is based on VMware vCloud Director so the interface will be very intuitive for everyone who worked with vCloud Director or vSphere.

I did not measure the virtual machines performance but rather focused on user-friendliness  availability and easiness of use. And I must say that I was not disappointed – the environment is very responsive an intuitive. New server can be quickly deployed from a templates or gold images located in private or public catalogues.

For someone who just want to set up a server and forget about providing resources for this machine the solution offered by is perfect. The process of configuration is fast and the management of virtual servers is really easy – the access via a RDP or a browser-based console makes it flexible. You can check it by yourself by applying for a 2-week trial here.

Free NFR licenses for VMware and Microsoft certified for Veeam Backup & Replication v6

wtorek, Listopad 20th, 2012

An early Christmas gift from Veeam. If you have a title / certification mentioned in the title of this note, you qualify for a free 2-socket Veeam Backup & Replication license. Apply here. MCTs, MCTSs and MVPs can get their copy here. In both cases however you can choose key type as Both (VMware and Hyper-V) so I guess the license for VMware and Microsoft certified is the same.

Veeam Webinar [in Polish / po polsku]

poniedziałek, Listopad 19th, 2012

I’ve had recently a talk with Veeam representative and I’d like to share some interesting resources I have received (this time all in Polish :-)

Webinarium, 21.11.2012, 11:00 – Bezpieczeństwo danych oraz pełna kontrola nad infrastrukturą backupową dzięki integracji rozwiązań Veeam ONE

and some movies:

Zabezpieczanie wirtualnego serwera SQL [1h 20min]

Veeam Explorer for Exchange

Uruchomienie maszyny wirtualnej z backupu (InstantResotre)

Toruń – the city of bricks

niedziela, Listopad 18th, 2012

Today a break from virtualization and a small journey to the real world. Real like a brick.

When you arrive in Toruń and start wandering around the Old Town, all that you can see are bricks. Bricks everywhere. This might sound silly but when you live in Warsaw like I do, and I like Warsaw a lot, the sight of beautiful walls of Toruń’s old apartment houses is astonishing and so uncommon.

When you walk in the city, look up, to the walls and roofs as interesting things may be spotted there.

„Did you know?” Saturday – Microsoft makes fun of VMware

sobota, Listopad 17th, 2012

Did you know that competitors in virtualization field make fun of each other? Here’s a movie from Microsoft to prove it! :-)

Veeam fails with error ‘Failed to validate command „dd if=” [...] No such file or directory”

piątek, Listopad 16th, 2012

So it is Veeam again. After having reconfigured the backup job I found out that the server had not been backed up and the exact error I got was:


Failed to validate command "dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384" feedback
/bin/dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384 returned non-zero code
- dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384/bin/dd: opening `/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>': No such file or directory

Ok, so my <path to vmdk>, lest’s call it DatastoreA was not correct in that it did not contain the vmdk. The server was up and running with access to all disks. So where did Veeam take these settings from?

I opened VM’s properties and checked where the vdisks were configured to be. Yeap, one disk is supposed to be on DatastoreA but it is not, there are only logs, vmx file, etc.

A quick glance on vmx and the VM reveals its secret. The problem was caused by the following line:

fileSearchPath = "/vmfs/volumes/DatastoreA/MyServer;."

So that’s it! Honestly I don’t know why this entry appeared in VM’s vmx file. I did not mean to use an absolute path to point to the disk. Veeam does not seem to use it either.

In the end I modified the vmx manually, run the VM and the backup completed successfully.

I encountered the problem in Veeam 3.0 (yes, old one, I know). Do you know if in newer versions fileSearchPath parameter is used by Veeam?

Here‘s a discussion about fileSearchPath (although in VMware Workstation).