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Extending virtual disk over 1TB (on ESX 3.5)

piątek, Grudzień 14th, 2012

Yes, some people still use ESX 3.5. So please stop laughing and check this out: this is a gentle and informative message you get when you try to extend the virtual disk size (let’s say from 1.4 to 1.5 TB):



Say what? But fine, Google is your friend and here it is – VMware KB: Cannot extend a vmdk over 1TB. A quick quote:

The only way to increase the size of a vmdk beyond 1023 GB in ESX 3.5 using vmkfstools.

Well, thanks a lot VMware! Not cool, bros, not cool…

VMware Hands-On Labs Online

poniedziałek, Grudzień 10th, 2012

No more excuses guys! You will never be able to say again „I’d like to check out vSphere new features and prepare for an exam but I have no test environment” or „It’s too much burden to set up a lab”.  VMware has recently announced Hands-On Labs available online and I have just received an email confirming my enrollment into the public beta. So let’s login and check it out.

Available labs

Available labs

The labs are divided into three sections: Cloud Infrastructure (vCloud Suite), Cloud Operations (Operations, Automation and Orchestrations) and End-User Computing. There are several labs in each category and no doubts there will be new ones coming soon. Let’s choose Auto Deploy lab and enroll and then let’s start the lab.

Start the lab

Start the lab

At the beginning of the lab we will see detailed instructions, necessary and helpful documentations, environment diagrams and other information useful not only when doing the lab but also for learning the topic.

On the left side there is a dock with the consoles, on the right – the manual with lab instructions, etc. The buttons to reset, power off, insert ctrl-alt-del combination, etc. are in the bottom next to the username information and remaining time.

Within the duration of the lab you can close the browser and resume the lab. When you end the lab, the server is powered off, but all your saved work will wait for you and the time is paused till you resume the lab.

It is really surprising how smooth the labs go. There is almost no lag. Maybe it is due to the fact that it is still beta with few people using it, I don’t know.

There’s really no much more to say about the HOL. Just login and try yourself. I will be definitely busy with the labs for the next few days. Can the HOL really replace the lab? I don’t think so, there is nothing like setting up everything from the beginning by yourself, breaking at and fixing it again. Only a real lab or test environment will allow such flexibility. What HOL can do however is to let you deepen your knowledge in certain areas without the need to set up all to play with a certain topic. To sum up: great job VMware!

Installing ESXi 5.x on DELL 12th generation server – „No network adapters were detected”

czwartek, Grudzień 6th, 2012

So you have to install the hypervisor on DELL R720 server. Let’s have a look on VMware’s HCL:






Checked! You boot the server from a DVD and you are warmly welcomed with the following message:






Really? The network card is Broadcom 5720 QP 1Gb Network Daughter Card. Here it is:






Let’s check DELL website. A quick search and here‘s the solution. So what DELL says is: The reason for this is because the VMware native ESXi 5.0 image does not contain the required version(s) of network drivers for Network Daughter Cards (NDC) or Network adapters used in Dell 12G Servers.

Fortunately a modified ESXi image is available on so no need to play with the Image Builder.

Feel free to copy the content of this blog

wtorek, Grudzień 4th, 2012

I know I am not the best writer and definitely not the greatest tech guru in the world. Still, I hope some on the posts helped some people. Moreover, I write this blog for fun and to share knowledge. In my view, the access to knowledge should be open to everyone who wants to grab some.

I’m granting full permission to use any of my content of my blog with or without credit. Fell free to copy it or change it. The companies’ logos, trademarks and quoted text remain the ownership or their rightful owners of course but all my works can be copied and used as you wish.

This is an official notification that my writing here is now in the public domain. I hereby waive all claim of copyright in this work; it may be used or altered in any manner without attribution or notice to the me. Attribution, of course, is appreciated.

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