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Check MAC addresses for all VMs

piątek, Luty 15th, 2013

A quicker – how to check MAC addresses assigned to all VMs:

Get-VM | Select-Object -Property Name,@{N=”MacAdresses”;E={$_.NetworkAdapters | ForEach-Object {$_.MacAddress}}},VMHost

The script found here. After a small modification it can show MACs for VMs in a resource pool, VMs filtered by name, etc.

Bug or feature?

niedziela, Luty 10th, 2013

I’ve noticed a small thing in XenApp. As we know, streamed applications in Citrix XenApp do not support anonymous access. In order to configure this kind of application correctly, you need to specify Allow only configured users in Users part of presented configuration config. So far so good. When you select Allow anonymous users and click OK, two things happen: the setting falls back to Allow onlyconfigured users (with users’ list empty), which is quite obvious. But when you configure allowed users / groups and click OK, the application will not be shown for these users. Why? Because it has been marked Disabled when you selected anonymous access :-) Open the application’s properties, go to the Name part, uncheck Disable application and click on OK.