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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2015 with App-V 5.1 is available

sobota, Sierpień 22nd, 2015
New Microsoft Dektop Optimization Pack 2015 has been released and is available for downloads for MSDN subscribers and VL customers. There are several Microsoft pages that describe what new is in the whole MDOP 2015 suite so I will just link to them: here. The most important element is support for Windows 10 (mostly in BitLocker management and UE-V). So what happened in App-V world? The whole list can be found on Technet page. I would like to point to the most important ones (at least for me).

1. Support for Windows 10

Only 5.1 App-V clients (a regular client and RDS one) can be installed on Windows 10. The earlier versions are not supported. The same goes for Sequencer. So if you plan to sequence (and run) your App-V apps on Windows 10, you need to upgrade.

2. New old Management Server console

No need (at last!) for Silverlight. The console is much more ‘clickable’ and so easier to use. Just look at this:

To get to the Connection groups you don’t need to go through Packages anymore

3. Better sequencer

The best thing for me is that now you can import registry keys and directories into VFS. No more need to create them manually one by one. A good improvement is also a possibility to import and export manifest files. Of coure on the OS list you will find Windows 10.