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XenApp Web Interface error: The correct version of web interface is not installed on this computer

czwartek, Listopad 14th, 2013

This is an error you may get when you open Web Interface Management console (for XenApp 6.5) and try to open XenApp Services Sites or XenApp Web sites node. Additional problems include: Web Interface cannot be uninstalled from Control Panel (error 1603) or repaired from the installation binary.

Citrix KB CTX13820 points to possible IIS corruption and advises to reinstall IIS and Web Interface. However, the solution might be much simpler – check if IIS Admin service is running in Windows. If not – start it and try to open Web Interface Management, it should work ok.

Citrix XenApp Server: Protocol Driver Error – fixed the easy way

czwartek, Październik 17th, 2013

When using Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 one day you may be welcomed with the following message when trying to open a hosted application:

Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server. Protocol Driver error.

As described in Citrix KB article CTX136826 this can be fixed by recreating ICA-tcp listener in TS configuration. However, as noticed by my colleague Artur, one can make it work by simply disabling and re-enabling this listener. No need to delete and re-create it! :-) Hope that helps someone.

Upgrade your Citrix certification to XenDesktop7

poniedziałek, Lipiec 22nd, 2013

With its new certification program Citrix introduces three levels of apprenticeship: Citrix Certified Associate / Professional / Expert – Apps and Desktops. Three new exams, now in beta, are given numbers 1Y1-200, 1Y1-300 and 1Y1-400. The new system simplifies the old CCA/CCAA/CCEE/CCIA certification layout.

There is also a simple upgrade path for those who already have got their Citrix certifications:






More information on the new certs here.

Finally got my Citrix Certified Integration Architect certification

piątek, Czerwiec 21st, 2013

cciaAfter a lot of studying and practice I have finally gained Citrix Certified Integration Architect certification – the last one in the current Citrix certification path.

Bug or feature?

niedziela, Luty 10th, 2013

I’ve noticed a small thing in XenApp. As we know, streamed applications in Citrix XenApp do not support anonymous access. In order to configure this kind of application correctly, you need to specify Allow only configured users in Users part of presented configuration config. So far so good. When you select Allow anonymous users and click OK, two things happen: the setting falls back to Allow onlyconfigured users (with users’ list empty), which is quite obvious. But when you configure allowed users / groups and click OK, the application will not be shown for these users. Why? Because it has been marked Disabled when you selected anonymous access :-) Open the application’s properties, go to the Name part, uncheck Disable application and click on OK.

„Did you know?” Saturday – V-Index

sobota, Listopad 3rd, 2012 Website Website

Did you know you can check world-wide metrics, i.e. virtualization rate, consolidation ratio and primary hypervisor in use on The site is run by by Vanson Bourne, a market research company. Statistics are updated quarterly.

At this moment VMware is reported to be the leader on both server virtualization (67.6%) and VDI (54.2%) markets.

Citrix Lab Receiver for Android

piątek, Marzec 4th, 2011

Today I tried out a new Citrix Lab Receiver for Android. A receiver for Android was available at Android Market for quite a long time but I have just noticed a new, apparently experimental application (therefore „Lab” in the name as one can imagine) which „has been optimized for touch applications”. I gave it a try and works nicely with XenApp 5 (according to Citrix, it should work with Presentation Server 4.5 as well). Moreover, the receiver is free :-)

This is how it looks like when run on a G1 phone:

rix Labs Receiver main screen

First, you need to set up a store to connect to:

Citrix Lab Receiver - store configuration

Then go ahead and log in – you will see applications available for you account:

Citrix Lab Receiver - applications

Tap an application and Citrix receiver will start a connection:

Citrix Lab Receiver - connection

Finally, this is how a Windows-based application looks like when streamed to Android phone (Winamp in this case ;-)

Citrix Lab Receiver - Winamp running

The receiver is easy to use, provides some basic options for session (display resolution, orientation, etc. as well as audio settings). On my fairly slow G1 mobile phone, the refreshing was quite good and tapping accurate. To emulate a right-click, you need to tap-and-hold. I don’t have multitouch supported on the phone but I assume it would greatly improve the user experience.

I don’t think the receiver is wildly used due to security risks (running a production application on users’ smartphones? No certificates support as far as I can see) but I appreciate its usefulness for administrators.

More information on Citrix Receiver features (like Doc Finder) may be found here.