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Microsoft Virtual Academy

wtorek, Kwiecień 12th, 2011

To spread knowledge about Microsoft’s new cloud computing solution – Azure – they started up a new portal dedicated to those who want to learn what Azure offers – Microsoft Virtual Academy. Participation is for free. By doing courses and passing self-assessment tests you can gain points, ranks, etc. Right now there are 4 courses available but since the maximum number of points to gain is a little more than 300 and to get platinum rank you need to have 1000+ points, I suspect they keep on introducing new courses. A course is basically a set of msdn documents, Technet screencasts, etc but since they are logically divided into courses and sections there is no need any more to search all the sites.

MVA rankI am really curious how MVA is going to develop; I am not sure how popular it is – I have not finished all the courses yet and I am already #1 in my country. Hm…


Try some Azure for free

niedziela, Kwiecień 10th, 2011

On Microsoft Azure web site there’s an offer to trial Azure platform called Free Trial Introductory Special. What you get are „750 hours of an Extra Small compute instance, 25 hours of a small compute instance, 1GB Web Edition database and more” – all these every month. Be careful however, as if you exceed this promotional limit, you will be charged.

If you are not sure how you can benefit Azure and which plan best suits you, you can use the TCO calculator provided here.

Anyway, Free Trial in my opinion is the best way to try out Azure, no matter is you are planning to move your applications or services to the cloud, you want to „see how it works” or you are simply interesting in these technologies.