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Xeround: HUGE list of free cloud services and their free cloud database service

piątek, Listopad 23rd, 2012

I’ve been pinged and asked to spread an information about a list of free cloud services created by Xeround that can be found here. There are 43 of them, divided into categories like Cloud IDE, monitoring or CMS. Everyone will find something interesting here.

Xeround offers cloud DB services. A DB up to 10 MB is free although when I tried to create a DB (how cool is to host your DB in Iceland datacenter? ;-) ), I received the following email:

Dear Pawe? ?akomski,
Creation of the database instance pizmak (ID = 31822) has failed – please contact for assistance.
The Xeround team.

Bad coding of my name and failure in creating a DB did not discouraged me – I dropped the DB and created a new one, hosted in the States. The creation completed successfully and now I am going to grab a coffee and test a new database :-)