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Linux on Hyper-V without integration components.

wtorek, Marzec 15th, 2011

Linux Integration Components Services (hmm.. the „components” in the name meant that MS provided components, not services for Linux VMs running on Hyper-V – so I guess now it has changed) can be downloaded from here. According to this guide, Hyper-V works at the moment with SUSE and Red Hat. By „works” I mean that these are supported guest operating systems with integrations com… services available.

But this is nothing new. What I wanted to write is to look out for traps like this one: if you install an enlightened operating system with no integration services included and you are connected to you Hyper-V Manager console via RDP, you won’t be able to use mouse. That’s the way it is. Yesterday I tried out SUSE with KDE and although I made through an installation process, I could not really install integration services without using mouse (and I had to install them to use it! ;-) The difference between default SUSE screen resolution and my screen did not make it easier. Finally I gave up and finished the installation locally.

I would like to see Hyper-V integration services included in SUSE installation but I guess it won’t happen. And license issues might be only one problem.