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Windows 8.1 enhancements for business

poniedziałek, Lipiec 29th, 2013

Will new Windows release introduce substantial changes that may convince corporate IT to adpot it earlier? I remember my colleague desperately trying to get an executive’s brand new iPad working with office wifi. The authentication to the network was domain based. This is not so new a problem but I guess it will steadily grow as BYOD becomes more and more popular. Another example: how many of use have a (personal) mobile phone next to you computer? Everyone? And how many of you can use it to access corporate resources (like check this Excel sheet while you’re away from keyboard). Nobody? With Windows 8.1 new feature called Workplace Join IT administrators will be able to precisly which resources can be accessed from a personal device without giving too much permissions. It is quite neatly called „a middle ground between all or nothing access”.

Workspace Join works hand in hand, and is kinda extended by a feature called Work Folders. It is similar to old offline files synchronization but you don’t need a device in a domain or domain access. Files will be synchronized automatically and can be accessed from different devices. Corporate Dropbox by Microsoft?

One trick to overcome worries over BYOD security is an introduction of Remote Data Removal possible if a device is lost or stolen. 3rd party tools already exist but an embedded feature will probably convince IT departments to use it more. I will galdly welcome another improvement – support for Miracast. And, last but not least, option to boot directly to Desktop as well as „Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications.” – namely the start menu is back.

More Windows 8.1 enhancemets can be found here. Windows 8.1 preview can be downloaded here.