Different App-V flavors

Written by Pawel Lakomski on Listopad 18th, 2014

App-V is a great technology that can get a bit confusing in terms of naming and flavors of App-V availabled. I’d say there are three types of App-V types that can be used in different situations and different implementations. Mind that applications sequenced with one type of App-V might not work with another.

  1. App-V for Desktops

It is a part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack so to download it you need to be able to login to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre. App-V for Desktops enables providing applications to users with an App-V agent installed on their desktops. Clients can use App-V infrastructure with the Publishing Server or can load applications directly from application packages stored on a share or locally.

App-V for Desktops can be downloaded also as a part of TechNet or MSDN subscription.

  1. App-V for Remote Desktop Services

It is easily downloadable from Microsoft Download Center http://www.microsoft.com/pl-pl/download/details.aspx?id=22011 but to use it you need to have RDS Client Access Licenses. App-V for RDS provides virtualizaed applications to remote desktops that can be used by users who connects to the desktops.

App-V for RDS can also be downloaded also as a part of TechNet or MSDN subscription.

  1. Server App-V

This App-V flavor is used for System Center Vitrtual Machine Manager to „inject” application into services (virtual machines). The sequencer and agents are available on VMM installation media. Note that if you sequence your application with for example App-V dfor Desktops and put it into VMM library, it will not be imported correctly. Use Server App-V sequencer instead.


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