Upgrade to vSphere 5.5 – Part 3 – Upgrading vCenter Server with Simple Install

Written by Pawel Lakomski on Grudzień 5th, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Upgrading a stand-alone host
3. Upgrading vCenter Server with Simple Install
4. Upgrading vCenter Server components manualy
5. Upgrading hosts with Update Manager and vCenter Server 5.5
6. Upgrading virtual machines

If all the components of the existing vCenter Server infrastrucure are installed on the same machine, the easiest and fastest upgrade way it to select Simple Install on VMware vCenter 5.5 Installer screen. Remember that upgrading from 5.0 or 5.1 is much easier as SSO will be already installed and the upgrade of SSO will be almost seamless.

It will upgrade all necessary components of vCenter Server, starting with SSO. As you can see, I am upgrading from a version with SSO already installed (i.e. 5.1) so it says it will upgrade it.

After a few checks the upgrade process for SSO will start making usre that SSO users, groups and Lookup Services artifacts are migrated. The previous version will be uninstalled and the new one configured:

After Web Client, the next element is Inventory Service. You’ll be asked if you want to keep or overwrite your database:

And now vCenter Server itself will be upgraded:

After asking if the vCenter Server database should be upgraded

the installer will ask you a few other questions like if host agents should be updated automatically once vCenter Server upgrade is done or which account vCenter Server service should run on as well as you will be able to customized port used by vCenter Server. Finally the upgrade starts:

and the whole process completes successfully:

Once the vSphere Client is upgraded, you can check version of your vCenter Server:

That was well.. as in Simple Install – simple. Almost everything has been done automatically and we were asked only for necessary information. If you want to have much more control over the upgrade process or if your vCenter Server components are installed on different machines, check the next post in the series when I show how to upgrade them.


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  1. Mateusz Krawczyk pisze:

    How about upgrading vCenter 5.5 to vCenter 5.5 update 2 ?

  2. Pawel Lakomski pisze:

    What about this kind of upgrade? It is a quite simple procedure…

  3. Tanaka pisze:

    Rupesh,I’ve installed and rntasielled 9.0.2 both 32 and 64 bit. I also removed and readded .NET trying standalone and integrated. Nothing we try allows this to work in 9.0.2. I’ve also restarted CF and .NET services and removed the generated jars each time. The current error on Win 2007 is coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.ProxyGenerationException CF is standalone install. We have been working at this for days. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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