Upgrade to vSphere 5.5 – Part 5 – Upgrading hosts with Update Manager and vCenter Server 5.5

Written by Pawel Lakomski on Grudzień 19th, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Upgrading a stand-alone host
3. Upgrading vCenter Server with Simple Install
4. Upgrading vCenter Server components manualy
5. Upgrading hosts with Update Manager and vCenter Server 5.5
6. Upgrading virtual machines

Upgrading ESXi host with Update Manager is pretty straight forward and easy too. Mind that you can make use of the Orchestrated Upgrade and upgrade the whole cluster with a few clicks while vSphere will take care about VM migration, upgrades, reboots order, etc. In the example below I upgrade one host only. Before you start the procedure make sure your vCenter Server and Upgrade Manager are already upgraded to version 5.5 and Update Manager plugin for vCenter Server enabled.

The first thing you need to do is to download ESXi 5.5 iso. You may want to grab a customized iso from your vendor to be sure al drivers are included. Connect to vCenter Server, select Update Manager and click on Admin View:

Select ESXi images tab. In the right, click on Import ESXi Image… and browse to search for the iso:

When the image is uploaded

create a new baseline and click Finish.

Go back to the Compliance View and right-click under attached Baselinse and select Attach… Choose your new baseline and it will get attached to the host.

Still in the Compliance View, in the right click on Scan…

In the Confirm Scan window uncheck Patches and Extensions and check Upgrades.

Wait for the scan to finish. The host will show as non compiliant:

Make sure your new baseline is selected and click on Remediate. Accept the license agreement, choose your options regarding third-party software removal during the upgrade and host maintenance options. During the upgrade the host will reboot.


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