Veeam fails with error ‘Failed to validate command „dd if=” [...] No such file or directory”

Written by Pawel Lakomski on Listopad 16th, 2012

So it is Veeam again. After having reconfigured the backup job I found out that the server had not been backed up and the exact error I got was:


Failed to validate command "dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384" feedback
/bin/dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384 returned non-zero code
- dd if="/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>" count=1 bs=16384/bin/dd: opening `/vmfs/volumes/<path to vmdk>': No such file or directory

Ok, so my <path to vmdk>, lest’s call it DatastoreA was not correct in that it did not contain the vmdk. The server was up and running with access to all disks. So where did Veeam take these settings from?

I opened VM’s properties and checked where the vdisks were configured to be. Yeap, one disk is supposed to be on DatastoreA but it is not, there are only logs, vmx file, etc.

A quick glance on vmx and the VM reveals its secret. The problem was caused by the following line:

fileSearchPath = "/vmfs/volumes/DatastoreA/MyServer;."

So that’s it! Honestly I don’t know why this entry appeared in VM’s vmx file. I did not mean to use an absolute path to point to the disk. Veeam does not seem to use it either.

In the end I modified the vmx manually, run the VM and the backup completed successfully.

I encountered the problem in Veeam 3.0 (yes, old one, I know). Do you know if in newer versions fileSearchPath parameter is used by Veeam?

Here‘s a discussion about fileSearchPath (although in VMware Workstation).


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